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Unlocking the Mysteries of Project Penguin: Channeling the Nine Great Gods of Egypt

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In the annals of history, some events remain shrouded in secrecy, casting a long shadow over our understanding of the past. One such enigmatic tale takes us back to Edgewood Arsenal, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, in the year 1952, where the intriguing Project Penguin was underway.

This classified government program was the brainchild of medical doctor and psychiatrist Andrija Puharich. And while it may not have involved the fantastical unraveling of mysteries, it was a serious scientific endeavor that sought to explore the depths of human consciousness.

One of the most captivating and controversial facets of Puharich’s research was channeling. This technique involved establishing contact with non-physical entities through the use of psychics, all within the confines of a specially designed Faraday cage.

The Faraday cage was no ordinary chamber; it was meticulously insulated to prevent electromagnetic interference. Inside this chamber, individuals would relax, creating a conduit for the mind to interact with forces beyond our understanding.

9 egyptian gods

In December 1952, a momentous event occurred during one of these channeling sessions. Puharich invited the renowned Hindu mystic and doctor, DG Vinod, to participate. As Vinod entered a deep trance, he claimed to establish contact with a group of beings known as The Nine. These entities introduced themselves as the nine principles of the universe and boldly declared their extraterrestrial origin. They were described as watchers of humanity since its inception, possessing the wisdom of gods.

Puharich, ever the inquisitive scientist, seized the opportunity to seek guidance from these enigmatic beings. The Nine conveyed messages about their role as guardians and creators of the human race. It was during this session that Puharich asked the defining question: “Who are you?” The response sent shockwaves through the room – “I am Atum.” Atum, the great father god of ancient Egypt, was said to be the leader of the Nine Great Gods, known as the Ennead.

This revelation sparked a profound connection to the ancient civilization of Egypt. Heliopolis, known as the Sun City, was a sacred site where the Temple of the Sun god Atum once stood. Though much of it lay in ruins, an obelisk remained as a testament to the pharaohs’ connection with the Ennead. According to Egyptian hieroglyphs, consulting with the Ennead was a paramount duty of the pharaohs and vital to the prosperity of their nation. The Ennead were credited with bestowing upon humanity advanced knowledge and technology.

As we contemplate this extraordinary episode from the past, we are left with more questions than answers. Could Puharich’s channeling sessions have truly connected with the Nine Great Gods of Egypt? Is it possible that a long-standing federation of extraterrestrial beings has overseen earthly affairs throughout history?


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