Amphibious Gods

Uncovering the Connection Between Ancient Babylon and the Dogon Tribe

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Throughout history, our planet has been graced by numerous civilizations, each with its own unique beliefs, customs, and mysteries. Among these enigmatic tales, one intriguing thread connects the ancient Babylonians and the Dogon tribe of Mali. A stone artifact, carved with precision, has fueled the imaginations of ancient astronaut theorists and historians alike. This mysterious artifact, made of basalt, bears the likeness of King Hammurabi of Babylon and a divine being in conversation. What makes this relic even more astonishing is the presence of the Code of Hammurabi, the world’s earliest known legal code, inscribed in cuneiform below the carving.

In this article, we delve into the captivating notion that these ancient cultures might have been influenced by extraterrestrial beings and explore the curious parallels between Babylon’s chief god, Dagon, and the legends of the Dogon tribe, who claim to have been visited by beings from the star Sirius B.

The Code of Hammurabi: A Divine Connection

King Hammurabi, a ruler of ancient Babylon in the 18th century BC, is renowned for devising the world’s first comprehensive legal code. Among these ancient laws is the well-known principle “an eye for an eye.” What piques the curiosity of ancient astronaut theorists is King Hammurabi’s assertion that these laws were dictated to him by a celestial being from the sky.

Ancient Babylon

Could it be that King Hammurabi was chronicling a genuine extraterrestrial encounter? Ancient astronaut theorists contend that the Babylonian gods themselves were extraterrestrial beings who instructed the king. This revelation raises the question: were these celestial beings connected to the Dogon tribe’s own encounters with extraterrestrial visitors?

Dagon: The Amphibious God

Central to the Babylonian pantheon was a deity known as Dagon. This god, depicted as part-human and part-fish, possesses an eerie resemblance to the legends of the Dogon tribe. The Dogon claim to have been visited by beings from Sirius B, describing them as amphibious in nature.

The startling similarity between Dagon and the Dogon raises intriguing questions. Could the Dogon have named themselves after the Babylonian god, or is there a deeper connection that binds these seemingly disparate cultures? One cannot help but wonder whether the Babylonians, like the Dogon, also encountered extraterrestrial entities.

The House of the Star: A Cosmic Connection

Further reinforcing the connection is the Babylonians’ worship of Dagon in a temple called “Iman” or “the house of the star.” Could this be a reference to Sirius B, the distant star believed to have been the point of origin for the Dogon’s celestial visitors? This connection begs us to contemplate whether the same extraterrestrial entities left their mark on both the Dogon tribe and the Babylonians.

A Common Language: “Dog” in Their Words

Another intriguing hypothesis suggests that when extraterrestrials visited these ancient cultures, the language they imparted may have contained the word “dog” or “dag.” This term could have been so prevalent that it influenced the nomenclature of both the Dogon tribe and the Babylonians. Could it be that these cultures shared more than just a word but a common origin rooted in celestial visitations?



The mysteries that shroud ancient civilizations continue to captivate our imagination. The connection between the Babylonians and the Dogon tribe, while speculative, offers a compelling narrative that hints at the possibility of extraterrestrial influence on our ancestral cultures. The parallelism between Babylon’s Dagon and the Dogon’s amphibious visitors, along with shared linguistic elements, raises fascinating questions about the interconnectedness of human history and the potential role of celestial beings in shaping our past.

As we ponder these ancient enigmas, we are reminded that the past holds secrets waiting to be unveiled, and the connection between the Dogon tribe and ancient Babylon may be one of the most tantalizing of them all.

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