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The United States Space Force Sets Sail on a Cosmic Expedition

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In the realm of conspiracy theories and speculative discussions, the concept of ancient aliens has intrigued and mystified enthusiasts for decades. The belief that extraterrestrial beings have influenced human history, technology, and even geopolitics has spawned numerous documentaries, books, and television series. One such series that delves into this tantalizing topic is “Ancient Aliens,” and in Season 13, it offers an intriguing perspective on the formation of the United States Space Force (USSF).

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating connection between the USSF’s inception and the possibility of an extraterrestrial agenda. Let’s embark on a journey through the mysterious corridors of history and conspiracy theories to uncover the intriguing questions raised in this particular episode.

The Birth of the US Space Force

The episode opens with a clip from a historical moment, taking us back to June 18, 2018. At a meeting of the National Space Council, then-President Donald J. Trump made a significant announcement – the establishment of the United States Space Force as the sixth branch of the Armed Forces. This declaration was met with applause, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s military history. But was this just a bold move for national security, or does it hint at something far more extraordinary?

US space force

A Confluence of Events

Just ten days after this groundbreaking announcement, another bombshell hit the news: President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were scheduled for a private, behind-closed-doors meeting. The episode speculates whether these two high-profile events were strategically related. Could it be that both nations were privy to the existence of extraterrestrial life, perhaps even a potentially hostile presence? If so, cooperation might be the only path forward.

The Extraterrestrial Agenda

Ancient astronaut theorists, as the show highlights, propose an astonishing theory: the US-Russia relationship in space might be the result of an extraordinary agenda not initiated by world leaders but by an extraterrestrial intelligence. This intelligence believes that each nation possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, and that space exploration should be a collaborative endeavor, driven by mankind’s shared destiny.

In essence, it challenges the notion of a space race, suggesting that it was never a competition but rather a covert cooperation. This clandestine alliance, it is believed, was formed to address a common threat lurking in the cosmos, a threat that transcends national boundaries.

The Imperative of Cosmic Cooperation

The creators of “Ancient Aliens” posit that as humanity gears up for its ambitious journey to Mars and beyond, we may become the extraterrestrial visitors to other worlds. If the ancient astronaut theorists are correct, our quest will have been significantly aided by benevolent alien visitors who perceive Earth as more than just a planet divided by national borders. To them, it’s a launchpad for a species eager to explore the vast expanse of the universe.



While the assertions made in “Ancient Aliens” are certainly speculative, they open up a realm of intriguing possibilities. The connection between the establishment of the US Space Force and the potential existence of extraterrestrial intelligence challenges our understanding of geopolitics, national security, and the future of space exploration.

Whether you are a fervent believer in ancient astronaut theories or just an intrigued skeptic, this particular episode of “Ancient Aliens” will leave you pondering the cosmic mysteries that may be lurking just beyond our reach. The question remains: is our journey into space truly driven by our innate curiosity and determination, or could there be forces, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, guiding us towards a destiny that transcends borders and unites humanity in the exploration of an incredible universe?

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