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The Mysterious Encounter at 35,000 Feet: A Pilot’s Unusual Close Call

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In the vast expanse of the sky, where the horizon meets the infinite, stories unfold that challenge our understanding of the world around us. Such is the tale of Captain Pete Kyriezas, a seasoned pilot with more than 30 years of experience, whose ordinary flight took an extraordinary turn one fateful night.

This is a story of an encounter that defied explanation, an event that left experts scratching their heads, and a reminder that sometimes, the mysteries of the skies remain uncharted.

It was a clear and tranquil evening, not a cloud in sight, as Captain Kyriezas piloted his aircraft from Dallas Fort Worth to Charlotte. With years of flying under his belt, he and his passengers settled into the serenity of the flight, blissfully unaware of what lay ahead. Little did they know, the ordinary would soon give way to the extraordinary.

At 35,000 feet, cruising altitude for a commercial flight, everything seemed to be going as planned. That is until a peculiar blip on the radar altimeter display caught Captain Kyriezas’ attention.

ufo at 35000 feet

The altimeter, a device designed to measure the distance between the plane and the ground, inexplicably showed an object at a mere 2,500 feet directly below their aircraft. Such an anomaly would ordinarily be dismissed as a technical glitch, but what happened next was far from ordinary.

As seconds ticked away, the altimeter readings continued their descent, rapidly counting down from 2,500 feet to 100 feet. Panic set in as Captain Kyriezas and his co-pilot grappled with the reality of an unknown object closing in on their plane.

Desperate for answers, they reached out to air traffic control, hoping for a rational explanation, only to receive baffled responses and radar silence.

Faced with an inexplicable and potentially catastrophic situation, Captain Kyriezas had to think fast. As the object stubbornly hovered at 100 feet, he contemplated taking control of the aircraft to avoid a collision. The lives of nearly 100 passengers rested in his hands, and the weight of responsibility pressed upon him.

With the aircraft hurtling through the skies at over 500 miles per hour, 100 feet is a hair’s breadth away. Every second counted, and Captain Kyriezas prepared himself to make a split-second decision.

His thumb hovered over the autopilot button, ready to act if the situation demanded it. Yet, as swiftly as it had appeared, the mysterious object vanished into thin air, leaving the crew bewildered and their hearts racing.

Upon landing in Charlotte, Captain Kyriezas embarked on a quest for answers. He scoured the aircraft’s logbook, seeking any indication of similar incidents, but found none. He consulted experts and fellow pilots, even those from the Air Force and Naval Academy, but none could offer a satisfactory explanation.


The conclusion? There exists technology beyond our understanding, operating under a set of rules and physical laws that defy our current knowledge. Captain Kyriezas’ encounter serves as a humbling reminder that, even in the age of information, there are mysteries that continue to elude us, lurking in the skies above, waiting to be unraveled by time and science.

As we navigate the vast expanse of the unknown, let Captain Kyriezas’ extraordinary encounter remind us that the world is full of surprises, and sometimes, it takes a simple altimeter reading to remind us of the enigma that is our universe.

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