The Fascinating Legacy of Pachacuti: The Mysterious Mirror Disc

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In the heart of Cusco, Peru, where the Church of Santo Domingo now stands, once lay the revered Coricancha Temple of the Sun. This temple, believed to predate the Incan civilization, underwent a transformation in the 15th century under the rule of Pachacuti. What sparked this transformation was a seemingly ordinary mirror disc that Pachacuti came into possession of, a relic that would go on to shape the Inca Empire like never before.

Pachacuti, often regarded as the first Inca to establish the empire’s dominance, was a man of remarkable vision and ambition. Legend has it that he embarked on a journey to a spring east of Cusco, where a celestial event unfolded. A disc, rumored to have descended from the heavens, landed in the spring’s waters. When Pachacuti retrieved this enigmatic disc, he was met with a mesmerizing sight—an image of Viracocha, the Creator, reflected upon its surface.

The apparition delivered a prophetic message to Pachacuti: “You will win many wars.” True to these words, within a mere decade, Pachacuti expanded the Incan empire in an unprecedented manner, marking a pivotal moment in history. He carried the mirror disc with him, consulting it whenever he sought answers about the future or guidance on his decisions.

Pachacuti mirror disk

It’s intriguing to note that across ancient cultures worldwide, a common thread exists—the worship of discs believed to have descended from the sky. Could Pachacuti’s disc have possessed an extraterrestrial connection? Some speculate that this seemingly ordinary mirror held advanced technological capabilities. It prompts us to wonder whether Pachacuti was in communication with extraterrestrial beings who guided his remarkable conquests.

Drawing a parallel with modern technology, consider our smartphones, which are far more than they appear. They encompass a multitude of functions, from communication to entertainment, all packed within a compact device. Could Pachacuti’s mirror disc have harbored intricate computer circuitry, exceeding our wildest imaginations?

The tantalizing question arises: If the accounts of Pachacuti’s magic disc hold any truth, could it have contained alien technology? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that further evidence of such discs on Earth can be found in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Peru. Here, in what locals refer to as the Puerta de Hayu Marca or the Gate of the Gods, an awe-inspiring 23-foot-high rock-carved door-like structure stands.

Contained within this monumental gateway is a smaller, T-shaped opening, measuring just under six feet in height, featuring a circular depression within. Local legends describe this site as a gateway or stargate, through which gods traversed. It is believed that a disc, like the one in Pachacuti’s possession, played a pivotal role in opening this dimensional doorway.

Stories even recount a high priest named Amaru Meru, who utilized a disc as the key to unlock this portal. This recurring theme of the disc as a key to unlock the mysteries of the universe adds to the intrigue surrounding these ancient legends. The presence of a circular area near the door’s location suggests that there may indeed be some truth to these enigmatic tales.


Intriguingly, Pachacuti’s mirror disc, a seemingly ordinary object, held extraordinary power and significance in shaping history. Whether it was a conduit to extraterrestrial wisdom or a technological marvel of its time, it remains a testament to the enduring mysteries of our ancient past. The legacy of Pachacuti and his mirror disc continues to captivate the imagination, inviting us to explore the hidden depths of our history.

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