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Reptilian Sky Gods and the Mystery of the Blue Stones. A Cosmic Connection?

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In the early 1990s, amidst the turmoil of Sierra Leone’s civil war, a startling discovery took place. Rebels, driven by the thirst for precious gems, forced villagers to unearth what they sought after—blood diamonds.

However, deep within the Earth, an unexpected treasure emerged, challenging our understanding of history and leaving us pondering the enigmatic Nomoli figurines.

These figurines, measuring between 5 to 10 inches in height, bear strange and reptilian features. Some are crafted from clay, while others from granite or limestone.

They depict humanoid figures with lizard-like heads, hundreds of them in total. According to local legend, the Nomoli represent sky gods whose descent from heaven turned part of the sky into stone, raining it down upon Earth.

What adds to this mystery are the strange blue stones, known as sky stones, found buried alongside the Nomoli figurines. At first, archaeologists dismissed these stones as mere curiosities.

reptilian gods

However, deeper analysis left them baffled. Local beliefs suggest that these stones are fragments of the very sky that fell with the Nomoli.

Could these mysterious blue stones hold the key to unlocking the truth behind the legend of the Nomoli? To explore this possibility, we turn to an intriguing meeting that took place in Seattle, Washington, in 2019.

Ancient astronaut theorist David Childress met with Jared Collins, a collector and researcher of sky stones. Collins possessed a collection of these enigmatic stones discovered in close proximity to the Nomoli figurines. But how were these stones unearthed in modern times?

It all began in 1991 when a man named David Ledbetter was in Sierra Leone on a mining concession, searching for gold and diamonds. To his surprise, his crew occasionally uncovered these peculiar blue stones. Yet, despite their uniqueness, geologists remain divided on their origin and nature.

Over the years, these stones have been subjected to various tests, yielding conflicting results. The lack of consensus among experts only deepens the enigma surrounding them. Could these stones be of extraterrestrial origin, as some speculate?

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To shed light on this mystery, Childress and Collins sought the expertise of renowned geologist Professor Peter Ward at the University of Washington. Their quest for answers led them to the University’s IsoLab, where they hoped to finally unravel the secrets of the sky stones.

The stones, characterized by their lightness and distinct blue hue, presented a perplexing challenge. Tests conducted on them raised more questions than answers. Some speculated that an organic component might be at play, as high concentrations of nitrogen were detected.

As the samples underwent a series of intensive tests, the results took an unexpected turn. Dr. Ward noted that the findings were so peculiar that they ran the tests three times to ensure their accuracy, remarking, “This gives me the creeps.”

In a subsequent video chat, Dr. Ward revealed the astonishing results to Childress. The presence of nitrogen at such high concentrations left them pondering the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin. Could these stones be remnants of a meteorite or even a fragment from a spacecraft?


While the answer remains elusive, one thing is certain: the mystery of the Nomoli and the enigmatic blue stones continues to captivate our imagination. As scientists and researchers delve deeper into this cosmic connection, we eagerly await the day when the secrets of these ancient artifacts are finally unlocked, shedding light on an ancient enigma that defies conventional understanding.

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