Unexplained Disappearances

Mount Shasta: The US Hub of Unexplained Disappearances

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In the realm of unexplained phenomena, few places are as shrouded in mystery as Mount Shasta, a majestic peak located in Siskiyou County, California. Nestled within its serene beauty lies a dark enigma – a series of unexplained disappearances that have baffled investigators and left the world pondering the existence of forces beyond our comprehension. This article delves into the captivating cases of individuals who vanished without a trace around Mount Shasta, drawing us into the intriguing world of the unknown.

The Sacred Warnings of Native Americans:

Native Americans in the region have long revered the area above the tree line of Mount Shasta as sacred ground. Their age-old warnings caution against venturing into these ethereal heights. It’s as if the mountain itself guards secrets that mere mortals are not meant to uncover. These ancient beliefs add an eerie layer of mystique to the unexplained phenomena that have unfolded in this region.

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The Investigative Pursuit:

Since 2009, former police detective Dave Politis has dedicated his professional investigative skills to solving mysterious missing persons cases. His tireless pursuit of the truth has led him to examine over 5,000 search and rescue cases, with a staggering 1,200 of them defying rational explanation. These cases, often devoid of any conventional reasoning, are a testament to the inexplicable nature of the Mount Shasta disappearances.

The Baffling Case of 1999:

One of the most perplexing cases that Dave Politis has undertaken revolves around the events of May 25, 1999. Three experienced hikers – Carl Anders, Milt Gaines, and Barry Gilmore – embarked on a journey to Mount Shasta’s Bunny Flat trailhead, aiming to reach its summit. However, their adventure would soon take a sinister turn.

As they reached a point known as “50-50,” where hikers typically decide whether to camp there or continue to Lake Helen for the night, they noticed that Carl was growing cold. Concerned for his well-being, his companions suggested he head to Lake Helen ahead of them. What followed would become the stuff of legends and nightmares.

Vanishing Without a Trace:

Shortly after Carl’s departure, Milt and Barry followed, expecting to reunite with their friend at Lake Helen, just 650 feet away. However, when they arrived, Carl was nowhere to be found. In a terrain above the timberline with no obstructions and only a solid snow field, his inexplicable disappearance left everyone bewildered.

The ensuing week-long search and rescue operation proved fruitless. Authorities even checked for seismic activity, suspecting an avalanche of rocks might have covered Carl. Astonishingly, there was no seismic activity during the time he vanished. Despite these efforts, no clues, no trace, and no evidence ever emerged to explain what transpired on that fateful day.

A Veteran’s Verdict:

The search and rescue coordinator, Grizz Adams, a seasoned veteran with over three decades of experience, delivered a chilling verdict to Dave Politis: “I guarantee Carl isn’t on that mountain. He either went up, or he went in, but he isn’t on there.” His words spoke volumes, highlighting the absence of rational explanations for Carl’s vanishing act.



The stories of those who have disappeared around Mount Shasta stand as unsettling reminders of the mysteries that still exist in our world. While the explanations may elude us, these enigmatic cases continue to captivate our imagination, leaving us to wonder about the possibility of forces beyond our understanding. As the legend of Mount Shasta’s unsolved disappearances endures, it serves as a haunting reminder that, in the shadow of this majestic mountain, the unknown beckons us with its chilling secrets, waiting to be unraveled by intrepid investigators like Dave Politis.

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