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Exploring the Connection Between Mythical Fallen Angels and Martians

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The mysteries of the universe have captivated humanity for centuries. From ancient texts to modern science fiction, our fascination with the possibility of extraterrestrial life knows no bounds. One intriguing theory that has gained momentum in recent years is the idea that the mythical fallen angels mentioned in the apocryphal texts of the Hebrew Bible might actually be Martians. This groundbreaking theory is explored in Season 11, Episode 2 of the History Channel’s series “Ancient Aliens.” In this article, we will delve deeper into this fascinating theory and the evidence supporting the notion that these fallen angels could have hailed from the red planet.

The Seeding of Earth: A Martian Connection?

The central premise of this theory suggests that life on Earth might have originated from Mars. Could we, in fact, be descendants of Martians? Ancient astronaut theorists argue that this might be the case, proposing that this seeding of our planet was a directed effort orchestrated by human-like beings that once inhabited Mars. These ancient astronauts, according to the theory, can be found in the apocryphal texts of the Hebrew Bible, represented as the fallen angels.

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The Fallen Angels: Visitors from Mars?

The fallen angels, as described in ancient legend and the books of Enoch, were a group of angels who descended to Earth in violation of divine law. They introduced knowledge and technology to humanity, which we now recognize as advanced science. What’s intriguing is that these angels were depicted as human-like beings. In Hebrew, they were referred to as “[hebrew],” which means men. They looked just like us, but with a notable distinction—they were giants, standing at least 10 feet tall, with striking features, enormous eyes, and notably, no wings.

Echoes of the Fallen Angels in Literature and Mythology

The notion of fallen angels coming from Mars isn’t confined to modern speculations. Mythologists have pondered this idea for over a century, with Dante himself describing this concept in the “Paradiso,” where he referred to it as the fifth level of heaven. Could it be possible that these fallen angels did not descend from the heavens but instead hailed from the neighboring planet, Mars?

The Martian Evolution: Humans of the Future?

Astronauts living on the International Space Station have provided scientists with insights into the potential physiological changes that might occur in future generations of humans born on Mars. The reduced gravity on Mars could result in humans adapting to their environment, leading to taller and skinnier individuals with spindly limbs and larger heads. These attributes bear an uncanny resemblance to the descriptions of the fallen angels in ancient texts.

The Martian Physiological Transformation

Sue Ann Pien, a researcher in space physiology, points out the remarkable adaptability of the human body. Astronauts who spend extended periods in space often grow taller by a few inches due to the absence of Earth’s gravity. A human born on Mars would likely undergo significant physiological changes over generations, resulting in individuals with a Martian-adapted appearance.

Could Martians Look Like Angels and Divine Beings?

Mike Bara, a space expert, suggests that prolonged evolution on Mars could lead to humans with larger eyes adapted for low-light conditions, as Mars receives less sunlight than Earth. These future Martians might bear a striking resemblance to the representations of angels and other godlike beings found in ancient texts and mythology. This similarity between the hypothetical Martian evolution and the descriptions of fallen angels further fuels the theory.



The theory that the fallen angels of ancient texts were actually Martians offers a captivating perspective on our origins. While it remains speculative, the parallels between the descriptions of these beings and the potential physiological changes in future Martians are intriguing. Whether or not we are the descendants of Martians, one thing is certain: our quest to uncover the mysteries of our universe continues, and the idea that our ancient past might be intertwined with the red planet adds another layer of fascination to the ongoing exploration of our cosmic origins.

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