Sacra di San Michele

Discovering the Mysteries of Sacra di San Michele: A Cosmic Connection

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Nestled atop Mount Pirchiriano in the Susa Valley, the Sacra di San Michele, or St. Michael’s Abbey, stands as a timeless testament to human ingenuity and spirituality. Its origins, however, are shrouded in mystery, with a remarkable tale that transcends time and space. While it might sound like the plot of a science fiction thriller, this story is rooted in history, dating back to 966 AD.

The Enigmatic Bishop’s Encounter

In the year 966 AD, a Catholic bishop embarked on a journey up Mount Pirchiriano, a mere 25 miles west of Turin, Italy. Little did he know that this pilgrimage would lead to a profound encounter that would forever change the course of history. As he ascended the mountain, the bishop witnessed a mesmerizing spectacle unfold in the sky – strange lights, described as planks and globes made of fire, danced in the heavens. These otherworldly phenomena seemed to originate from the very mountain he was scaling, before ascending into the celestial expanse.

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A Divine Revelation

This celestial display was not merely a chance occurrence; rather, it had a profound consequence. The bishop, undoubtedly moved by the extraordinary sight before him, declared that this would be the site where a new abbey should be built – the Sacra di San Michele. It was as though the heavens themselves had inspired this decision, as if celestial beings were beckoning humanity to create something sacred in their honor.

The Sacra di San Michele Today

Today, the Sacra di San Michele still stands majestically atop Mount Pirchiriano, a testament to the bishop’s vision and the enduring legacy of that fateful UFO sighting. Its architecture and spiritual significance continue to draw visitors from around the world.

A Cosmic Connection

The story takes a fascinating turn when we delve into ancient lore and the concept of ancient astronauts. Could it be that the bishop’s sighting was not a random event, but rather a deliberate act by extraterrestrial beings? Some ancient-astronaut theorists believe so.

In this region, known as the Saint Michael line, an energy line or ley line believed to traverse Italy, stories of a highly advanced civilization have persisted for thousands of years. According to local legends, this civilization was founded by the god Phaethon, who descended from the sky in a fiery chariot. Remarkably, this figure is not unique to Italy but also has connections to ancient Greece and Egypt.

The Phaethon-Ptah Connection

What’s even more intriguing is the striking similarity between the names Phaethon and Ptah, an Egyptian god associated with technology, smithcraft, and alchemy. Could Phaethon and Ptah be one and the same, an extraterrestrial being responsible for bestowing advanced knowledge upon humanity?

Intriguingly, the city of Turin, located nearby, is known as the “city of the bull,” a reference to the Apis bull, a revered figure in ancient Egyptian culture and often seen as an incarnation of Ptah, the god of technology. This raises the tantalizing question: Is Mount Musine, where the Sacra di San Michele was built, a repository of cosmic knowledge, particularly related to metallurgy, brought to Earth by these ancient gods?



The story of the Sacra di San Michele is one that transcends conventional understanding, weaving together elements of history, spirituality, and even the possibility of extraterrestrial influence. While the UFO sighting in 966 AD may forever remain an enigma, the enduring presence of the Sacra di San Michele on Mount Pirchiriano serves as a testament to human curiosity and our unending quest for the mysteries that lie beyond the stars. As we explore the ancient legends and cosmic connections surrounding this sacred site, we may find that the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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