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Discovering Ancient Aliens and Forgotten Continents

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The world is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and sometimes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. In the vast expanse of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond, there are tales of submerged cities, forgotten kingdoms, and the enigmatic lost continent of Atlantis. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing connections between these ancient mysteries and the tantalizing possibility of extraterrestrial involvement.

Heracleion: Myth to Reality

Off the Egyptian coast near Alexandria, in the year 2000, a team of divers stumbled upon something extraordinary. Submerged beneath the waves were the ruins of statues and entire temple complexes. This discovery marked the resurrection of Heracleion, or Thonis as the Greeks knew it. Legends and myths had spoken of this place, but until then, it remained a myth. Dating back to the 7th century BC, Heracleion was a bustling trading hub. Its existence had only been whispered in ancient tales until that fateful day.

ancient alien kingdoms

Dwarka: Lord Krishna’s Lost City

In India, a similar revelation unfolded in 2001. The Mahabharata, an ancient epic, recounted the story of Lord Krishna constructing a magnificent fortified city named Dwarka. For centuries, Dwarka was considered a product of imagination, a fantastical place that could never have existed. Yet, in 2001, the ruins of Dwarka were uncovered, proving that sometimes, history is more remarkable than fiction.

Atlantis: A Lost Continent?

But of all the places on Earth that were thought to be mythological, the one that has inspired the most fascination and has proven the most elusive is not a city but an entire continent, Atlantis. As described by Plato in the fourth century AD, Atlantis was the home of a highly advanced civilization which mysteriously disappeared into the ocean thousands of years ago. While mainstream scholars continue to dismiss Atlantis as nothing more than a fanciful myth, there are many who believe Plato’s account was based on a very real place.

Zealandia: A New Continent Emerges

In February 2017, scientists at New Zealand’s top geological Institute, GNS Science, announced the discovery of a lost continent, one that sunk into the ocean millions of years ago. They dubbed the landmass Zealandia, as it extends directly under New Zealand. Although it is almost entirely underwater, it fits the definition of a continent, as it consists of an intact piece of crust that is distinctly different from the ocean floor and clearly separated from Australia. This was a shocking discovery, because they thought the number of continents on Earth had been basically fixed.

Could this be the lost continent of Atlantis? Ancient astronaut theorists say that it is a distinct possibility. There is an ongoing bias among scientists that anything from the ancient past must therefore be a made-up fake story, a myth, and yet these scientists have to look at the reality, that archaeological discoveries are verifying that the actual stories have merit.



The boundaries between myth and reality continue to blur as we uncover the secrets hidden beneath the Earth’s surface. From Heracleion to Dwarka, and even the elusive Atlantis and Zealandia, these discoveries challenge our understanding of history and raise intriguing questions about the possibility of extraterrestrial influence on early civilizations. As archaeology and science continue to advance, who knows what other ancient mysteries may soon come to light, reshaping our perception of the past and our place in the cosmos.

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