Hudson Valley UFO Invasion

Deciphering the Hudson Valley UFO Invasion

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In the annals of UFO sightings, one location stands out as a hotspot that captured the imaginations of thousands: New York’s Hudson Valley. The eerie events that unfolded here between 1983 and 1986 left an indelible mark on the community and continue to puzzle UFO enthusiasts to this day. In this article, we delve into the strange phenomena that occurred during this time, examining eyewitness accounts, expert insights, and intriguing theories about what might lie beneath the Hudson Valley.

The Enigmatic V-Shaped Craft

The story begins in Kent Cliffs, New York, on New Year’s Eve in 1982. Just moments before midnight, as revelers were preparing to welcome the new year, they were treated to an astonishing sight in the night sky. An unidentified flying object, unlike anything they had ever seen, graced the heavens. This craft, as large as a commercial jet, had a distinct V-shaped silhouette, moved silently, and appeared to defy the laws of physics.

Thousands of witnesses reported the bizarre occurrence, and as the clock struck midnight, the Hudson Valley became ground zero for a wave of UFO sightings. Philip Imbrogno, an investigator for the Center for UFO Studies, recalls the intensity of the sightings, noting that people from all walks of life were coming forward with their accounts. Doctors, scientists, executives, and meteorologists all confirmed that they had witnessed something beyond terrestrial explanation.

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A Wave of UFO Reports

Over the next three years, authorities received an astonishing 9,000 reports of UFO sightings, all describing the same V-shaped craft. What was particularly intriguing was the fact that this UFO didn’t make a fleeting appearance; it returned night after night, keeping residents on edge.

Imbrogno’s investigation into the Hudson Valley phenomena was unique because he, too, was able to witness the V-shaped craft on multiple occasions. He describes the craft as being the size of a football field, hovering over highways, and emitting a brilliant beam of white light.

The Enigma Beneath the Ground

As Imbrogno delved deeper into the mysteries of the Hudson Valley, he discovered another layer to the phenomenon. It wasn’t just the strange craft in the sky that captured people’s attention; it was also the bizarre sounds emanating from beneath the earth’s surface.

Some researchers postulated that these hotspots might be entrances to vast underground caverns or secret bases. Locals in the Hudson Valley reported hearing strange noises rising from the depths, fueling speculations of hidden military or extraterrestrial activity underground.

Whitley Strieber’s Terrifying Encounter

One of the most chilling accounts from the Hudson Valley UFO invasion comes from bestselling horror novelist Whitley Strieber. In his book “Communion,” Strieber recounts his own harrowing experience in December 1985. He and his wife had purchased a cabin in the region, and one night he awoke in a room that wasn’t his bedroom, surrounded by eerie figures with big black eyes and dark blue short figures. Strieber was haunted by the memory of a voice asking, “What can we do to help you stop screaming?” His screams had filled the room, yet he had no recollection of it.



The Hudson Valley UFO invasion remains one of the most perplexing and enduring mysteries in the world of UFO sightings. The combination of the V-shaped craft sightings, strange underground noises, and eerie encounters like Strieber’s have led to a wealth of theories and speculations. While some attribute these events to military experiments, others ponder the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations. The enigma of the Hudson Valley continues to captivate our imagination and begs for further investigation. Until then, the truth behind this UFO invasion remains hidden in the shadows of the Hudson Valley’s night sky.

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