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Ancient Aliens: Decoding Egypt’s Mysterious Connection to the Gods

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Ancient Egypt continues to captivate our imaginations with its majestic pyramids, intricate hieroglyphs, and enigmatic obelisks. While conventional archaeology offers explanations rooted in human history, a different perspective is explored in Season 17 of “Ancient Aliens,” a popular documentary series that delves into extraterrestrial theories. In this episode, we uncover the profound connection between Ancient Egypt and the gods, as suggested by ancient astronaut theorists.

The Enigmatic Obelisks:

The episode begins with a journey to Cairo, Egypt, where we are introduced to the world’s oldest surviving obelisk, dating back to roughly 1900 BC. These towering structures, originating from the Greek word “obelescos,” meaning pointed pillar, were erected centuries after standing stones like those in Karnak and Brittany. However, they share a commonality – they are monoliths, hewn from a single piece of red granite. What makes red granite special is its infusion with tiny quartz crystals, believed to emit a unique energy. This energy led ancient people to consider the obelisks as living entities, much like the older standing stones found worldwide.

ancient alien gods

The Power of Quartz Crystal:

Could it be more than coincidence that the Egyptians chose red granite, laden with quartz crystals, for their obelisks? Ancient astronaut theorists propose that these ancient cultures understood the earth’s energy and its potential to be harnessed. Just as standing stones across the globe were believed to have energy properties, the obelisks of Egypt may have served a similar purpose, connecting Earth to the heavens.

The Divine Connection:

At the pinnacle of an obelisk lies a unique stone known as the capstone or pyramidium. Made from finely polished granite and gilded in pure gold, it dazzled in the sunlight for miles around. This stone, according to ancient Egyptian belief, served as a direct point of contact between humans and the gods. The obelisk itself, pointing to the heavens, symbolized a pathway to divine beings. Egypt was seen as a reflection of heaven on Earth, with powers from the celestial realm mirrored below.

Wireless Energy Grid:

While mainstream scholars interpret these connections symbolically, ancient astronaut theorists propose an intriguing possibility – the obelisks and pyramids may have been part of a vast wireless energy grid, perhaps even of extraterrestrial origin. These monumental structures could have been used as charging stations for advanced technology, similar to how we recharge our devices on wireless charging pads today.

Tesla’s Mysterious Connection:

Even more perplexing is the connection between inventor Nikola Tesla and the height of the Great Pyramid. Tesla’s ambitious Wardenclyffe Tower, built around the same time J.P. Morgan’s expedition explored the pyramids, sparks curiosity. Could Tesla have been working on wireless transmission technology based on the pyramid’s dimensions? The mysteries surrounding this connection remain unsolved to this day.

A Worldwide Network:

The theory proposes that, by strategically placing obelisks, standing stones, and pyramids worldwide, a global energy network could have been established. These structures acted as antennas, power beacons, and energy sources for various devices, including spacecraft and submarines. The energy emitted from the pyramids and obelisks would have been harnessed from the atmosphere, providing a boundless source of power.



The mysteries of Ancient Egypt continue to intrigue and beguile us. While conventional wisdom attributes the construction of these monumental structures to human ingenuity, the ancient astronaut theory presents a compelling alternative narrative. It suggests that these awe-inspiring monuments were more than just symbols; they were part of a global wireless energy network, perhaps established with extraterrestrial guidance. As we delve deeper into Egypt’s enigmatic past, we are left pondering the true extent of our ancestors’ knowledge and the mysteries they left behind.

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