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A Mysterious Encounter in the Skies: The Astonishing Tale of Pilot Carlos De Los Santos

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In the vast expanse of the clear Mexican skies, on May 3rd, 1975, pilot Carlos De Los Santos embarked on a routine return trip from a Seaport town on the Pacific coast to Mexico City.

Little did he know that this journey would forever etch his name in the annals of aviation history, not for the faint-hearted events that unfolded high above the earth.

As De Los Santos cruised at 10,000 feet, enjoying clear weather and excellent visibility, an ordinary flight took an extraordinary turn. One hour into his journey, he caught sight of an anomaly—an eerie, wingless gray object lurking off the left side of his Piper pa-24 Comanche aircraft.

The unsettling sight was just the beginning of a series of events that would defy explanation.

To his astonishment, as he neared Mexico City, he observed a small, peculiar flying saucer hovering just above his left wing. The saucer, although dwarfed by his relatively small aircraft, held an inexplicable presence.

To compound the bizarre situation, De Los Santos looked to his right, only to discover another saucer. As he scanned the skies ahead, a third saucer approached, heading straight for him.


Fear gripped him as he watched the saucer below his aircraft, feeling a jolt that reverberated through the plane. Panic set in as he realized that his aircraft was no longer under his control.

The yoke moved of its own volition, and the plane ascended to 3,000 meters, perilously close to its ceiling. If it climbed any higher, it would stall, leading to a catastrophic loss of control.

As the plane continued to climb, De Los Santos grappled with the realization that an unseen force, seemingly emanating from the UFOs, had taken command of his aircraft. His attempts to regain control were in vain.

Desperate Mayday calls filled the airwaves as he reported the presence of unidentified objects at his wingtips and below, while he hurtled toward a mountainous terrain.

Suddenly, as if responding to some enigmatic cosmic choreography, the three unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) disengaged from his aircraft, veering off toward the Pobakatta Pedal Volcano at astonishing speeds. Carlos regained control of his plane, but the ordeal was far from over. The impact from one of the objects had rendered his landing gear inoperative.

In a remarkable display of courage and resourcefulness, De Los Santos circled the airport around ten times, resorting to a screwdriver to manually release the landing gear. His triumphant landing was nothing short of miraculous.

However, the story took another intriguing twist. The pilot’s reputation and career could have been in ruins were it not for the corroborating testimony of Mexican Air Traffic Control, who had also tracked these unexplainable objects. In Mexico, this story became a sensational news headline, though it remained relatively obscure in the United States.

Yet, the intrigue didn’t stop with the successful landing. Years later, Carlos De Los Santos revealed that he had been approached twice by mysterious figures, often referred to as “men in black,” who sternly warned him to keep silent about his extraordinary experience.

These shadowy encounters occurred just before scheduled interviews with Mexican television stations and the renowned UFO investigator J. Alan Heineck.

Despite the threats and warnings, De Los Santos eventually shared his incredible story, making it one of the most captivating aviation UAP incidents ever documented. His survival stands as a testament to the uncharted mysteries that occasionally intrude into our ordinary lives, challenging our understanding of the world beyond our atmosphere.


While the encounter ended without physical harm to Carlos De Los Santos, similar encounters between civilian aircraft and unexplained phenomena have led to tragic consequences, including injuries, crashes, and even loss of life. The skies, it seems, hold secrets that continue to elude our grasp, inviting us to ponder the uncharted realms that stretch far beyond our comprehension.

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