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Understanding Reincarnation: Ancient Aliens and Egyptian Gods

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Have you ever wondered what happens after death? Is there life beyond this mortal coil, or is it the end of our existence? While these questions have perplexed humanity for centuries, recent research and ancient myths suggest that the concept of reincarnation might hold some answers.

In a thought-provoking episode of “Ancient Aliens” (Season 12, Episode 13), the notion of reincarnation takes center stage. While mainstream science tends to dismiss the idea of past lives, it’s worth noting that esteemed academic institutions like the University of Virginia, Duke University, and the University of British Columbia have dedicated entire departments to the study of reincarnation. And what they’ve uncovered may just challenge our conventional beliefs.

The Reincarnation Enigma

The episode features Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, a familiar face to fans of the series, who raises an intriguing question: if thousands of people claim to vividly recall their past lives, could there be some truth behind it? Researchers have meticulously examined these claims, and their findings suggest that reincarnation might be more than a mere myth.

ancient reincarnation

According to Tsoukalos, “There are studies that have been made on these things, and I wonder how long it’ll be until mainstream science agrees with the idea that something happens to us after death.” The core concept of reincarnation, he explains, is akin to uploading files from a computer to the cloud and then downloading them to a new computer—the soul departing one body and entering another.

Ancient Egyptian Clues

While scientists grapple with the idea of reincarnation, ancient civilizations have long believed in the transmigration of the soul. The episode takes us back in time to the very cradle of civilization: Egypt. Here, the belief in souls traversing from one body to another is deeply rooted in their mythology.

In Turin, Italy, the Egyptian Museum houses an artifact known as the Turin King List, dating back to the 13th century BC. This papyrus contains a comprehensive list of ancient Egyptian rulers, extending to the dawn of their civilization. But here’s the twist: the first two groups of names on the list aren’t human rulers; they are gods.

These gods, including the enigmatic Osiris, were believed to have ruled Egypt long before human kings. Osiris, depicted with green skin, is said to have come from the star system Orion—a tantalizing connection to extraterrestrial origins. Ancient Egyptians believed that when Osiris died, he was reborn as his own son, Horus, who became a physical incarnation on Earth. The fascinating twist is that all pharaohs were considered gods incarnate, and upon a pharaoh’s death, their spirit would pass on to the next in line—a continuous cycle of reincarnation.


The Unanswered Questions

The episode raises more questions than it answers, leaving us pondering the mysteries of reincarnation and its possible ties to ancient alien beliefs. Could the Egyptians’ notions of gods and pharaohs be indicative of something more profound and otherworldly? Does the evidence presented in this episode challenge our perception of life, death, and the afterlife?

As science continues to explore the phenomenon of past-life memories and reincarnation, we find ourselves on a journey of discovery—one that might eventually reconcile ancient beliefs with modern understanding. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, “Ancient Aliens: Reincarnation” (Season 12, Episode 13) certainly offers a fascinating perspective on this age-old enigma, prompting us to contemplate the possibility that the soul’s journey might be far more intricate and interconnected than we ever imagined.

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