Alaska Disappearance

The Enigmatic Alaska Triangle: Thousands Vanishing Without a Trace

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Nestled among the untamed mountains, dense forests, and towering glaciers of Alaska, there exists a stretch of wilderness that has captured the imagination of many. Since 1988, more than 16,000 people have gone missing within its boundaries, a place often referred to by locals as the Alaska Triangle.

Stretching from Juneau in the south to Anchorage in the middle and extending all the way up to Yukon Territory at the northernmost point, this area has earned a reputation for being more volatile than other remote regions around the world.

The mysteries of the Alaska Triangle defy simple explanation. Alaska itself boasts some of the most challenging terrains and weather conditions in the United States, coupled with the highest number of private planes.

So, it might not be entirely surprising that people go missing here. However, when you delve into the stories surrounding these disappearances, it becomes clear that there’s more to this enigma than meets the eye.

In January 1950, a Douglas C-54D Sky Master took off from Elmendorf Air Force Base, headed for Montana, on a beautiful, clear day. However, as it passed into Yukon Territory, it abruptly lost all radio contact with both United States and Canadian military forces.


A joint effort involving around 7,000 personnel scanning 350,000 square miles of territory ensued, yet the missing airplane remained elusive. What’s even more perplexing is that just two weeks later, a smaller plane crashed in the same vicinity, and it was located almost immediately. The larger Sky Master, on the other hand, seemingly vanished into thin air.

One of the most puzzling cases in the Alaska Triangle involves Gerald DeBerry, a search and rescue professional who disappeared during an ATV search mission outside of Fairbanks. Despite the involvement of trained canines and professional trackers, no scent or tracks were found, and even the ATV eluded discovery. A year later, a hiker stumbled upon the ATV with its engine turned off, yet DeBerry himself was never found.

The number of people reported missing in Alaska each year is twice the national average, but can these disappearances be solely attributed to the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska?

While it’s a possibility, there are those who propose more extraordinary theories. They point to local folklore, which recounts tales of strange creatures materializing out of nowhere. Alaska, they argue, is a land of unknowns and mysteries, where stories of mysterious beings are surprisingly common.

One such legend hails from the Kenai Peninsula, in the southern part of the triangle, where an abandoned town named Portlock once thrived. This cannery town’s prosperity was disrupted by reports of a monstrous creature terrorizing the residents.

The creature, known as the Montiak, is akin to the broader tradition of Bigfoot or Sasquatch, blurring the lines between man and beast. Some believe these entities exist between worlds, traversing through portals that connect different realms. They are rarely seen and often disappear into thin air, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty.

Could these strange creatures indeed be traveling to the Alaska Triangle from other dimensions? While this idea may seem far-fetched, many researchers argue that it’s plausible due to the numerous geological anomalies present in the area.

The land in Alaska is incredibly volatile, with a Geological Survey by the U.S. Department of the Interior revealing negative magnetic anomalies prevalent in the region.

These anomalies can disrupt guidance systems, compasses, and electronic equipment, potentially causing planes and vessels to go missing or crash. Some theories even suggest that these anomalies serve as gateways to other dimensions, fueled by the volatile geological activity in Alaska.


For now, the truth remains shrouded in mystery, and we can’t definitively confirm the existence of interdimensional portals in the Alaska Triangle. What is certain, however, is that hundreds, if not thousands, of people continue to mysteriously vanish within its borders each year. The Alaska Triangle, with its rugged landscapes, enduring legends, and inexplicable phenomena, continues to be a place where the line between reality and the unknown blurs.

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