Shintoism and Ancient Aliens

Shintoism and Ancient Aliens: A Mystical Connection

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In the world of ancient astronaut theorists, evidence of alien contact can be found in the most unexpected places. In Season 12, Episode 14 of the popular series “Ancient Aliens,” the spotlight is cast on Shintoism, the primary religion of Japan, which boasts over 107 million followers. This religion is steeped in mysticism, ritual practices, and a profound connection to the past, but what really piques the interest of ancient alien enthusiasts is the idea that within Shintoism lies evidence of extraterrestrial contact dating back thousands of years. In this article, we delve into the intriguing intersection of Shintoism and ancient aliens, exploring the celestial beings known as kami and their connection to our world.

The Way of the Kami

At the heart of Shintoism lies a belief system deeply rooted in the mystical and the divine. Shintoism, often translated as “the way of the kami” or “the way of the gods,” is a spiritual tradition that has flourished in Japan for millennia. What sets it apart from the monotheistic religions prevalent in the West is its pantheon of over eight million kami, each possessing its own unique personality traits. Kami are celestial beings with the ability to inhabit a wide range of entities, from humans and animals to even inanimate objects.

shintoism and aliens

This multidimensional aspect of kami contrasts sharply with the concept of a single, all-powerful deity found in monotheistic religions. The kami’s ability to exist within various forms is central to understanding their role in the Shinto faith and their potential connection to extraterrestrial beings.

Descending from the Celestial Palace

Shinto mythology holds that kami originate from the celestial palace known as Takamagahara. According to these ancient stories, celestial kami periodically descend from their lofty abode to visit our terrestrial realm. Yet, these celestial beings need a place to call home while on Earth, and this is where the concept of Shinto shrines enters the picture.

Across the Japanese archipelago, more than 81,000 shrines are dedicated to kami gods. These shrines are considered the earthly residences of the extraterrestrial kami when they visit our world. The Japanese people believe that by visiting these shrines and offering prayers and rituals, they are, in fact, communicating with and seeking blessings from these extraterrestrial beings.

The Connection to Ancient Aliens

For ancient astronaut theorists, the connection between Shintoism and ancient aliens is a fascinating one. They propose that the kami, with their celestial origins and their ability to inhabit various forms, may not be entirely dissimilar from the idea of extraterrestrial beings. Could the kami, revered for centuries by the Japanese people, actually be ancient aliens who once visited Earth and continue to influence our world from the celestial realm?

While mainstream scholars may dismiss such notions as mere speculation, ancient astronaut theorists argue that the similarities between the kami and descriptions of extraterrestrial beings in other cultures are too striking to be mere coincidence. The belief in kami and their association with shrines as earthly abodes for these celestial beings provide fertile ground for exploring the possibility of ancient alien contact within the Shinto tradition.



Shintoism is a rich and deeply spiritual tradition that has shaped the beliefs and practices of millions of people in Japan and beyond. While the idea of ancient aliens influencing this religion may remain a topic of debate and intrigue, it undeniably adds an extra layer of mystique to an already enigmatic faith.

The ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the evidence of alien contact in Shintoism may be subtle, woven into the very fabric of the religion’s beliefs and practices. Whether one subscribes to these theories or not, there is no denying the enduring allure of Shintoism’s connection to the celestial realm and the enigmatic kami that continue to captivate the hearts and minds of millions. The intersection of ancient aliens and Shintoism serves as a reminder that the search for extraterrestrial life takes us to unexpected places, both on this planet and beyond.

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