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Ancient Aliens: Top 3 Unbelievable UFOs & Alien Devices

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In a world filled with mysteries and unexplained phenomena, the topic of ancient aliens continues to captivate the imagination of millions. For decades, enthusiasts and researchers have delved into the realms of history, mythology, and modern sightings, searching for clues that suggest Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrial beings. In Season 19 of the hit series “Ancient Aliens,” viewers were treated to a thought-provoking exploration of the most compelling UFO sightings and alien devices that challenge our understanding of the universe.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top three unbelievable UFOs and alien devices featured in the series. From ancient Hindu texts to modern-day encounters, these intriguing cases offer tantalizing hints of otherworldly visitations.

1. The Vedic Accounts: Palaces in the Sky

The Vedas, India’s oldest Sanskrit texts, contain astonishing accounts of divine beings arriving from palaces in the sky. These stories describe a time when three cities orbited Earth, and smaller vehicles descended to our realm. Could these ancient texts be evidence of enormous motherships, interpreted as floating cities or palaces by the people of ancient India?

What makes this account even more fascinating is the occurrence of modern sightings of city-like apparitions in the sky. In Foshan, China, in 2015, witnesses captured video footage of a cityscape seemingly suspended in the clouds. A few days later, over 800 miles away, a similar phenomenon was reported. Could these sightings be linked to the massive alien motherships suggested by ancient astronaut theorists?


2. Cigar-Shaped UFOs: From Earth to Mars

Cigar-shaped UFOs have been reported all over the world for decades. In 1870, during a meteorological expedition in Mount Washington, New Hampshire, photographers captured a strange black object among the clouds. This photograph is one of the earliest known images of a UFO. Since then, cigar-shaped crafts have continued to baffle witnesses, such as the 1978 Chilean pilot encounter and the 2020 sighting off the coast of Hawaii.

Even more intriguing is the Soviet probe’s encounter with a cigar-shaped object near the Martian moon Phobos in 1989. Could this be evidence of genuine non-human UFOs in our solar system? And what about the mysterious object named ‘Oumuamua, which entered our solar system in 2017? Its unusual shape and behavior raise questions about its origin and purpose.

3. The Roswell Incident: A Game-Changer in UFO History

No discussion of UFOs and alien devices would be complete without mentioning the Roswell incident. In July 1947, the U.S. Army initially announced the recovery of a crashed flying disc outside Roswell, New Mexico. This shocking revelation made headlines, only to be swiftly retracted, with authorities claiming it was a mere weather balloon.

However, the release of a 2011 FBI document shed new light on the Roswell incident. The document revealed a 1950 briefing to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover about three flying saucers recovered in New Mexico. Could this be the smoking gun that proves extraterrestrial involvement in Roswell?



As we delve into the world of ancient aliens and UFO encounters, we find ourselves confronted with a tapestry of evidence, ranging from ancient texts to modern sightings and declassified documents. While skeptics remain unconvinced, ancient astronaut theorists argue that these cases provide compelling reasons to believe that Earth may have indeed been visited by extraterrestrial beings. The mysteries surrounding mysterious orbs of light, cigar-shaped crafts, and the Roswell incident continue to fuel our curiosity and invite us to explore the uncharted territories of the cosmos.

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