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Alaska’s UFO Enigma: Secrets of Mount Hayes Revealed

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In the vast expanse of Alaska, far from the bustling cities and prying eyes, lies a region shrouded in mystery. Nestled within the rugged terrain of the Aleutian Islands and stretching between Anchorage, Juno, and Barrow, the Alaska Triangle has earned its reputation as a hub of unexplained phenomena.

This remote and enigmatic area, akin to the more famous Bermuda Triangle, has long intrigued researchers and adventure seekers.

One of the most captivating enigmas within the Alaska Triangle is Mount Hayes, a towering peak that stands as a sentinel guarding its secrets. Over the years, numerous eyewitnesses have reported peculiar sightings around Mount Hayes – UFOs, flying saucers, and strange lights that defy rational explanation.

But what makes these reports all the more intriguing is the fact that there are no roads leading to Mount Hayes. The only way to reach it is by air, a journey most people seldom undertake. So, what could possibly be drawing these mysterious craft to this remote location?

For decades, the evidence supporting Mount Hayes as a UFO hotspot was primarily based on eyewitness testimony. However, in 1995, the veil of secrecy began to lift when declassified documents shed light on a clandestine government project known as Stargate.

Researchers scouring CIA archives stumbled upon evidence suggesting that Mount Hayes played a central role in this top-secret endeavor.

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What they found in those classified documents left them astounded: references to an extraterrestrial base beneath Mount Hayes. Yes, you read that correctly – an alien underground base.

The revelation was not only astonishing but also raised questions about how this information was acquired. According to the declassified documents, Project Stargate employed a highly unconventional technique known as remote viewing.

Remote viewing, practiced by the CIA during the Cold War, is a psychic projection technique that allows a trained individual, a remote viewer, to glimpse distant or hidden locations.

It’s as if their consciousness can transcend the constraints of space, offering them a view of places far from their physical presence. The objective of Project Stargate was to employ these psychic spies to gather intelligence on Soviet activities.

One name stands out in the annals of remote viewing – Pat Price. Pat Price was a remarkable remote viewer and the first to report his extraordinary findings about Mount Hayes. Through the lens of his psychic abilities, Price described intricate structures hidden beneath the mountain’s surface, including tunnels and tubes.

But what captured his attention the most were the descriptions of advanced technology, including computers, and the presence of strange humanoid creatures.

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Price’s accounts became increasingly unsettling as he claimed that these otherworldly beings were working alongside human personnel, presumably military personnel. His revelations painted a picture of a covert collaboration beneath the earth’s surface, one that defied conventional understanding.

However, the story takes a darker turn. Price began to fear for his safety, believing that he had stumbled upon something he wasn’t supposed to see. He confided in friends, expressing concerns about the consequences of his remote viewing sessions.

Tragically, his premonitions of danger proved prophetic. In Las Vegas, shortly after checking into the Stardust Hotel, Price was inexplicably bumped into, and he felt a sudden sharp pain in his leg. The following morning, he experienced convulsions and passed away.

The circumstances surrounding Pat Price’s death are clouded in suspicion. Strangely, the hospital failed to notify his wife, and his body was hastily cremated.

This sequence of events begs the question: Was Price’s untimely demise yet another entry in a long list of tragic deaths involving individuals who dared to expose secrets that lay hidden in the shadows?

The mysteries surrounding the Alaska Triangle and Mount Hayes persist, leaving us with more questions than answers. What lies beneath the mountain’s surface? Were Pat Price’s remote viewing experiences a glimpse into an extraterrestrial collaboration? And why did he meet such an untimely end?


While we may never fully unlock the secrets hidden within the Alaska Triangle, one thing is certain – this remote wilderness continues to captivate the imagination of those who dare to venture into its enigmatic depths, reminding us that our world still holds many uncharted territories, both on the surface and deep within the realms of possibility.

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